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Welcome to the Online Art Gallery of Karen Kennedy

Inspiration for new paintings is all around me. An exceptional lighting effect always intriques me or it could be a person's pose or activity. I am fortunate to live in a place where I can study and paint animals in their natural environment. When I travel I am delighted with the new scenery and by the people I meet. My camera and sketchbook fill up quickly. Always, it is my emotional response to these things in my life that challenges me to create a piece of art.
Featured Work

"In Flight"
Karen Kennedy

"In Flight" is a 20" X 20" oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.
I wish I could fly like the Hummingbirds in my garden. I always laugh at seeing their antics of soaring then diving then hovering to look in our window. They can fly backward, sideways and even upside-down. While flitting from flower to flower they warn other hummingbirds away with a high-pitched chatter and aggressive postures. Itís as if there weren't enough flowers for all. They are very smart with the largest brain in proportion to body size in the bird kingdom. They even remember which flower they have visited and how long it will take it to refill.
This bird is such a beautiful creation and watching them touches my soul. The artist in me was challenged to do this painting. My brush seemed to flow with the impressions and abstractions that were part of my thoughts about trying to capture the Hummingbirdís essence. I truly felt my way through this painting.

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