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Welcome to the Online Art Gallery of Karen Kennedy

My Featured art is an oil painting titled "Sandhill's Ballet", a Diptych with each gallery wrapped canvas being 8" x 24".
I've been fortunate to see the Sandhill Cranes when they migrate in the Spring. My attention was drawn to them initially by the loud clatter as so many decended on a field. As I watched I realized how incredibly graceful their antics can be.
Featured Work

"Sandhill's Ballet"
Karen Kennedy

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When I was four and created crayola art on my father's newly wall-papered wall, it was definitely not appreciated! It is still my passion to share my interpretations of the things I see through my artwork. My hope is to stimulate a connection with the viewer through this website, one that is more positive than my father felt so long ago.
Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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